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Stylin’ like Sade

Stylin’ like Sade

Last Friday night I had a serious Sade moment to myself. After a glorious YouTube tube marathon I was fully crushing on her sublime beauty and unique style.  

Cowgirl chic in the Sweetest Taboo video.

You may not know this amigos, but when I’m not blogging, I’m a style consultant. I absolutely love helping people find their perfect style and express themselves through what they wear. Fashion is fun and liberating and I love to share that.

Next week I have a beautiful young client who has gorgeous dark olive skin and long black hair. Aha! Here’s my opportunity to live out a real life Sade fashion moment! So naturally I went down an online rabbit hole of Sade 80s/ 90s fashion. And oh boy was it worth it! I’m talking slicked back pony tails, gold hoops, high waisted skinny trousers, bolero jackets, and bold, red lips. Heaven. 

As it’s 2019 I’ll switch out the bolero for an oversized jacket, and add some local Barcelona brands to keep it young and fresh.  

Of course I can’t get too carried away with my styling plan, as it might not be what my client’s looking for. If not, I might have to buy a long black wig and live out my own Sade fantasy. I might not nail the Levis 501s, (the thought of wearing them actually gives me the fear! lol) but you can’t go wrong with gold hoops and bold, red lip. 

That’s the thing with fashion. We can analyse the correct shape, colour, and style, but what we wear is a reflection of how we are feeling in that moment, how we communicate visually with the world, and how we want others to see us. That’s what makes styling other people for their day to day life so much fun, and challenging. We have to interpret what makes them feel joyful and confident in their clothes and also help them express how they’re feeling at that moment. 

Black and white bliss. Sade showing me what an oversized jacket look should look like. 

 What I really love about Sade’s style, well apart from everything. Is that her look in the 80s was so chic, effortless and so strong. Fabulous silhouettes, oversized, yet fitted, always flattering her body, but creating interesting shapes. Simple, yet striking. Think about what everyone else was wearing at the time. The horrors of the cliche 80s looks; ill fitting garish colours and materials. Not to mention drowning in accessories. Sade was monochromatic flawlessness. Her style looks so fresh and on point today it’s incredible. 

Recent Sade inspired editorials

Vogue knows what’s up!   

Top, Kelly Gale for Vogue India 

Bottom, Adwoah Aboah for Vogue México.

 So much swoon I can’t take it. Looking so effortlessly chic in an oversized polka dot blouse and nipped in waist. And don’t get me started on that immaculate white high neck. And black trousers combo. Flawless!!! 

So with that friends, I wish you all a great week, full of fun fashion moments, and tell me who you are feeling sartorially inspired by at the minute. 


Love Pamela xxx

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Arrggg so much cool in one photo!  


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Seeing the beauty in 2019!

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