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Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’

Hola amigos!

Sorry for the radio silence. What can I say? I have no real excuses pals, just that time ran away from me this summer. So, here we are, it’s Autumn already, how can that possibly be? I feel like the summer just got started! Though I can’t complain, as here in beautiful Barcelona, the sun is still shining every day, easing us very gently into the new season.

So, why don’t we have a wee summer round up, here’s how we spent the last few months here at Style Pop!

My beloved Capri!

As always, we had the most incredible time in our favourite place. We spent lots of quality time as a family and caught up with all our friends there. I can still see all the beautiful flowers and hear the sound of the waves against the rocks as I write this. *books flights immediately for next year*

Mr Style Pop finally managed to surprise me, with a vow renewal on our 10 year wedding anniversary. This time we got to share the moment with our son, friends and in our favourite spot in the world, thanks B xxx

Our dear friends officiating our vow renewal, and the fabulous team at La Minerva. 


This year we went a week early, which meant the week before the couture shows in Paris, and in doing so meant we were very lucky and got lots of fabulous fashion celeb spotting. The first night we saw Gwyneth Paltrow with Valentino and his gorgeous husband Giancarlo. She was very laid back and chic. We also saw shoe designer Brian Atwood and his husband, the handsome Dr Jake Deutsch. I spoke to the very glam Erica Pelosini who had her gorgeous pampered pooch Cashmere with her, and she was very sweet. She was wearing a short shift Pucci dress with feather trim. The next day I saw her, and she was rocking an incredible floor length pink dress with shells on it, and her trademark huge sunnies, while casually having a coffee in the piazzetta #GLAM!

Victoria’s secret angel Alessandra ambrosia was staying in the room next door to ours at the hotel. The place we stay every year, a beautiful boutique hotel called La Minerva. I didn’t see her, but her insta had lots of fabulous capri shots. Last but not least, Vogue’s Hamish Bowles was sitting next to us at dinner. I chickened out of chatting to him and telling him how much I admire his work, as I didn’t want disturb his evening.

The gorgeous La Minerva  


Ok back to the clothes...

Sometimes I feel like I love fashion from afar, like appreciating art or music, in that, it’s not my daily life when I’m taking my son to school or at the grocery store. I’m not one of those people who looks like a fashion editor when they’re queuing up to buy milk (well maybe sometimes ;) I’ve spoken before about wearing a uniform and it’s true, I don’t feel the need to wear new things all the time. If I like something I’ll wear it to death! One benefit of this style of dressing is that I can buy good things, as I shop less frequently. Also, it’s better for the environment. I must admit I get stressed thinking about all the fast fashion that gets dumped in land fills. I know that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite as I wrote a Plastic fantastic blog a few months back, but like most out there trends, I just admired it from afar and in the end didn’t buy any of it.

So with this idea of buying less and enjoying what you already have, I repeated a lot of what I wore the year before. I think I purchased one new dress, a beach bag, a T-shirt, and earrings, and you know what, I didn’t need anything else!

Can you tell how much I love my new bag! All repeat outfits, except the blue stripe dress from Dr Bloom Barcelona, top left.  My new bag from laboratorio Capri, and earrings by Apres ski Bottom right.

While there, I got a fabulous wicker bag from one of my favourite shops, Laboratorio Capri. The bag was a gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary. I had been planning to get the Dior tote or a Gucci straw bag, but in the end I jumped at the chance to buy something that I couldn’t find anywhere else and would always remind me of my favourite place, Capri. We also all bought matching T-shirts (yes, we’re that type of family and I love it! ) from Local brand Yam Capri. Oh, and I got some handmade black sandals from a young, new shoemaker there. His store has the typical Capri style sandals (i.e. a bit sparkly) but also a lot more modern ones a la Isabel Marant and Céline.

On the whole I felt great, but I must admit I did feel a little left behind as the beach trends this year have definitely moved on from the big glasses, boho beach look that’s been popular since forever.

OK, so maybe I need to change up my daywear game! Lol


This year saw the smaller, pointier cat eye shapes and huge ribbon straw hats take centre stage accessory wise, and more subtle cream lace and stripe linens for beach wear. Although I have a beautiful ribbon straw hat, I didn’t take it, as it’s a pain to pack and I knew I’d be taking it for a photo opportunity only and I couldn’t be bothered. I think that right there let’s you know what kind of blogger I am, a lazy one!!! ;) and it goes back to that statement at the start, I really appreciate a great look. I adore seeing people treat their daily life like a runway, but if I feel like I’m wearing a trend for trend’s sake, I feel silly. I also think I easily look like something is wearing me and not the other way around. Think that comes from my short height and curviness, and that many times less is better on my frame. Probably a lack of confidence too.

In Positano one day while we were waiting for the boat to take us to the Villa Tresville beach club there was a very fashionable group waiting with us. One girl was wearing the trends of the summer, the Saint Laurent pointy cat eye glasses and a big oversized hat with ribbon. She looked fabulous. When we arrived, we took a table and promptly got on with our amazing lunch, meanwhile this girl and I think, her mother went to a pretty spot on the terrace and did a very elaborate amateur photo shoot. There was no one behind her so I’m sure her insta photos looked amazing, as if they had the place to themselves, but the reality was that there was about 50 people all sitting there having lunch and watching them, some incredulous, some giggling, and I’m sure some couldn’t care less. I was dying from second hand embarrassment, but she was having a great time, living her best blogger life and getting incredible shots, so more fool me.

I don’t feel ridiculous when I do photo shoots with the beautiful Kati, as I treat them like work, but when I’m out with friends, or my husband I feel like an idiot posing for fashion shots, I think a lot of us do, and we probably should! lol

Okay, so maybe I should get out of my comfort zone a bit more, actually try some new trends, stop being so self conscious, but I am going to keep buying better quality and less often. It’s better for the environment, my house storage, and my bank balance!

My wee man and his looks. I buy a lot of Kenzo, Cos and Zara for him, it can be tricky finding lovely things for boys.  


We spent 5 glorious weeks in our homeland this August. We split our time between our home in the centre and up in the Highlands and Islands. The weather was mixed, so fashion was mainly dictated by what was happening in the skies, which was nice actually as I love a layered look!

I’m a little teapot...

Shopping at home, top left, Whistles sweater. Bottom right Isle of Harris tweed jacket.  


In-between all the fun at home in Scotland, I had a very glamorous escape to London one weekend with my cousin. We stayed at the incredible new 5 star hotel The Principal, (which was heaven!) caught up with an old friend at Soho house, and went to see the smash hit musical Hamilton.

Left, Love my new denim dress from Whistles.

I also managed to get up early and catch the incredible Azzedine Alaia exhibit at the design museum. Perfect weekend!

I can’t tell you how much I loved this exhibit and how emotional it made me. The clothes were exquisite, like liquid sculptures. The construction was incredible!  


So that was my summer amigos, how was yours? Back in Barcelona, life is very much back to normal. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of fabulous fashion this month at the various fashion weeks (online only unfortunately ;) and getting inspired for the year ahead.

So here’s to Autumn, filled with glorious new fashion, and wonderful tv and films to get cosy with as the nights draw in.

Pamela xxx


Arrivederci Summer!



Happy 1st birthday to Style Pop!

Happy 1st birthday to Style Pop!