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Queen B!

Queen B!

Hola Amigos, Hope you've all had a rejuvenating Spring break. 

This week on Style Pop! We want to celebrate the release of Beyoncé’s phenomenal concert documentary “Homecoming” by taking a look at her incredible style evolution. From up and coming girl grouper to fully fledged legend!


Queen B burst back onto the Coachella stage last year after having twins, twins I tell you! Look at her…I bow down! The theme for the show was a literal homecoming party, inspired by the culture of African American colleges, Stepping, marching bands, dance teams, an overwhelming display of excellence, and I was living for it. The costumes by Balmain were a fun take on college attire with a touch of Queen Nefertiti for the opening. Uber cool stylist Marni Senofonte worked with Beyoncé and Balmain to bring this vision to life.

The Balmain sketches, and the costumes brought to life

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 17.09.17.png

The Stylist Marni Senofonte, responsible for many of Beyoncé’s new bolder looks of late.


The visual album Lemonade had some my favourite Beyonce looks to date. Styled by B Akerlund. The Mustard yellow Roberto Cavalli dress and Saint Laurent heels in the Hold up video were instantly iconic as Beyoncé took her revenge as a woman scorned.

I was so drawn to the southern gothic vibe in Formation. There were many fab looks in the video, Styled by Marni, from Gucci to Zimmerman, but the main image is the all black look with the incredible hat. The dress was by French couture brand On Aura Tout Vu and the hat was vintage.

Killing it on the gram

Beyoncé’s Insta is great fashion inspo. She’s been much more daring in recent years when it comes to colour, print and just a general sense of fun with her looks.

Couple style

Dressing cohesively with a partner can be tricky stuff. Posh Spice and Beckham spring to mind. Beyoncé and Jay Z really nail it when it comes to couple dressing. Fun, flirty and full of style.

A Goddess of maternal style

Only Beyoncé can look this Goddess like while pregnant. I was pale, exhausted, and swollen! lol

Twinning with Blue

I am all for mummy-child twinning! I try to do it as often as possible, but with a 4 year old boy that consists of matching sneakers and a Kenzo Jumper if Im lucky. I am truly jealous that Beyoncé and Blue get to twin in such fun, fabulous fashion!

Humble beginnings

Those top two looks, yikes! Well, proof that the early 2000s were tough on all of us sartorially, even the rich and famous!

Below, Ah, that’s more like it. Beyoncé starting to nail it on the red carpet.

The Met Gala

Top, Left, 2011 in Pucci. Middle, 2012 in Givenchy. 2013 Givenchy again.

Bottom, left. 2014 in Givenchy, and the night of the famous Solange elevator incident.

Middle, 2015 in Givenchy and Right, 2016 Givenchy once again.


A shout out to one of the best Insta husbands of all time, Mr Jay Z

Screenshot 2019-04-21 at 16.12.51.png

Style it like Beyoncé

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 14.08.46.png

Have a lovely weekend amigos, let us all feel and look as fabulous as Queen Beyoncé!

Love Pamela xxx


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The wish list

The wish list

Spring break!

Spring break!