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Beyond 30 Wears

Beyond 30 Wears

Hello everyone, sorry for the radio silence. We moved house last month. Ooft, what a job that was! We really love our new place, and I’m so relieved it’s all done and dusted. The last time we moved our little one was only 12 weeks old, and we still had unpacked boxes sitting in wardrobes a year later. This time I was determined to unpack everything within two weeks. We did it, but it nearly killed us!

A wee peak into the new place. It’s a lovely bright and airy apartment. After 4 years in a Duplex, We’re delighted to be back to one floor living. Thankfully most of the furniture looks and fits well in the new place.

It was actually a wonderful excuse to go through my wardrobe and weed out everything that no longer gives me joy (Marie Kondo shout out!) also it gave me a chance to think about what clothes I have, and what I want to change within my wardrobe. You know what? Everything I owned was an exact replica of something else I owned, which is so boring. Also, as I’m getting a bit older, I find black can be quite draining on me. This upcoming season I’m going to try and branch out and try new things.


Recently, I’ve been rethinking shopping habits. This started out about a year ago as necessity, as I couldn’t afford to shop as much as I had in the past. Very quickly I realised that I had been over shopping before and didn’t need half of what I bought. Doing the famous Kon Marie method before moving house made me realise how much we had accumulated in the last few years. I felt so guilty about the sheer volume of things we owned. Most of it we had been carting about from home to home through the years without even using! This also applies to my clothes. So after a great purge I feel much better about what I have, and can actually see what I own more easily. This should ensure I don’t mistakingly buy replicas of what I already have in my closet

Environmental impact

I think part of the holding onto things was the uncertainty about discarding them. I feel terrible dumping things that I know will end up in landfills, so I held onto them instead. Donating can also be problematic for the places they end up. I read that some countries in Africa and South east Asia are actually losing their booming textile trades as they are being inundated with unwanted clothing from around the world. So even with good intentions, we can end up inflicting unknown damage. The truth is, the only way to protect the environment is unfortunately to buy as little as possible.

 Beyond #30wears. This navy pinstripe Karen Millen suit is from 1995. I bought it for my final Christmas dance in high school! Worn above in 2018 in Barcelona, and in 1996 with my beloved gran.


The past few months I have bought very few new items. Only what I absolutely love and know that I will use for years to come. Fashion sustainability expert Livia Firth has an excellent instagram that gives you lots of tips for being more green in your shopping habits. Her hashtag beyond #30wears is a great reminder that we should try to buy clothing that will stand the test of time. I still love Zara and Top Shop like everyone else. But when I buy from a fast fashion brand I make sure I only buy an item of clothing that looks well made and the material will last. I have dresses from Zara that are over 10 years old, and still look great, so you don’t have to avoid them, just be sure you love what you buy and know you’ll get great use from it.

Denim wrap skirt from UK high street shop Oasis from 1995!

Seen above left in 2018 in Barcelona, and Right, 1999 with Mr Style Pop (speaking of Oasis lol) on holiday in Mallorca.

Recently I almost purchased a fab sweater from Zara that featured the Iconic Iris Apfel. Even though Ibreally likes it, I passed in the end, as the picture transfer looked poorly made and I knew it wouldn’t last long.

Trying to shop more responsibly means I will miss out on fun trends now and again, but I’ll have to get over it. The simple fact is, that fashion, and in particular fast fashion is catastrophic for the environment. From the water usage and chemicals to the millions of tonnes of unwanted stock that gets dumped into landfills, not to mention the world wide deliveries. We simply cannot continue to consume like it doesn’t matter, it does.

I must admit, at the start I did struggle not picking up a wee something every time I went to the shops. The thrill of a new purchase,or just the feeling of “new” can be addictive, (and partly why fast fashion is so popular), but once I got used to it, I realised I didn’t need it.

I still love and adore fashion. I spend countless hours online every week looking at nothing but fabulous style, but I will continue to buy fewer items and of better quality. That way not only will my wardrobe be more streamlined and easy to use, I won’t feel so guilty about the environmental damage I’m doing. Like Kermit the frog said, “it’s not easy being green” 😆

  Vintage baby

Here’s a look at items in my wardrobe that are around 10-20 years old and how I’ve had fun making them feel fresh again.


Night to day

Back in the day I bought much more going out clothes and less day wear. Now it’s the complete opposite, so what to do with those old school jackets? This tuxedo jacket pictured left and right is from Marks and Spencer’s, bought in the early 00s. Worn at the time with the matching trousers, sparkly top, and a Paris Hilton style Swarovski choker, oh my!

The chainmail cardigan (middle) is from Karen Millen, bought in the late 90s. This was originally bought to wear with a ballgown skirt for a black tie gala.

I paired them with some boyfriend jeans, a Victoria Beckham Tee, Uterqüe boots and Alexander McQueen sneakers. Also pictured my Céline luggage tote. 

Above, as originally worn :) Shout out to my girls Lianne, Carla and my mum!

Updating old bags

I had fallen out of love with these bags from the early 2000s (lets be honest, not a great time in fashion) The Chanel is from the ill fated Rue Cambon line they had, it’s a small under arm shoulder bag, the type that was all the rage back in the early 00s. The Gucci is the belt bag Carrie Bradshaw made famous in Sex and the City. I added a Loewe strap to the Chanel to wear as a cross body bag (seen left), and an elastic belt, to wear as a belt bag (middle). The Gucci I brought out of hiding and paired with a 70s vibe denim dress. This time worn high and tight on the waist instead of slung across my hips in very low waisted jean (shudders ;)

Recycling evening wear

This old Zara dress pictured above is about 11 years old. It’s has been a great dress for me, and has been worn to death as it’s so comfortable, and flattering. I think the designer at Zara took heavy inspiration from Alaia, (you know what they say, steal from the best!)

For my friend’s wedding recently, I paired it with a silk pussy bow blouse from Uterque, a velvet jacket from Purificacio Garcia, a Chanel classic double flap, Guess shoes, and a Gucci beret for a fun geeky new Gucci vibe. Everything in the photo was well worn, except the beret which was new.

Have a go yourself. Go through and see what you’ve got that you’ve kept but not worn lately and have a think how you can style them up to give you joy, and send me your photos amigos.

Have a great weekend everyone!

lots of love,

Pamela xx

A 90s layered grunge vibe with my 1994 Doc Martens seen on right. That’s some blouse my mum is rocking!

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