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Seeing the beauty in 2019!

Seeing the beauty in 2019!


Hola amigos, Happy New Year! Lovely to see you all again. Many  apologies for the radio silence the past few months. Unfortunately our beloved Old English Sheepdog Harry got sick and passed away, and we were busy making her time with us as comfortable as possible. Then  with grief, came the flu for the entire household. So thinking about fashion slipped from my consciousness. 

Our baby girl Debbie Harry, above in Lanvin :) 11 years of unconditional love and joy. She made our house a home, and us a family.

Last night I watched the Chanel documentary that’s currently on Netflix. It’s part of a series called “7 days out” it focuses on the week before the Spring/ Summer 2018 couture show. Well amigos, it fired up my fashion engines once again and brought me back to the land of fantasy and living. Couture for me has always been a far off dream of possibilities. Where art and artistry meets self expression, and anything is possible. There’s nothing I love more than seeing the ateliers at work. Their skill and passion for bringing the idea to life is truly breathtaking. In this day and age where fast fashion reigns supreme, I long to see the history and respect for couture that the ateliers continue to live by.

The Spring/Summer 2018 Couture show, inspired by gardens. Pastel perfection!


I must admit I often get emotional looking at beautiful clothes. Previous water works have sprouted while at exhibits, by YSL,  Azzedine Alaia, and my beloved Balenciaga. Movies will get me too, I was practically dehydrated after seeing the McQueen doc, oh and don’t get me started on the couture runway in slow motion in the Raf Simons Dior documentary. “Dior and I”. Perfection.

I love the fantasy, the dream, the beauty. It’s life affirming. Like Stanley Tucci’s character Nigel says in the Devil wears Prada, “And what they did, what they created was greater than art because you live your life in it.” Well, some lucky people do 😜  I will never know what it feels like to wear Chanel haute couture, but it doesn’t matter, I can see and feel the magic, I can be swept away by the vision and the love that they put into their creations.

Last summer I went to see the Alaia exhibit in the Design museum, London. I was floored by the beauty. The construction was unlike any other I’d seen before. Truly remarkable.

In this politically fuelled era where life can seem a little scary, I look to art, to beauty, music, fashion, and all the joyful, creative things around me to remember that life is truly beautiful and magical. RuPaul talks about the fight against oppressors or people who want to take away the art and freedom in life. He says we’re the lucky ones, the ones who see life full of colour and creation, and if that’s something others don’t understand, how sad for them. So for this upcoming year I’m going to go out my comfort zone, use all the colours in the colouring box, try new things, oh and try to wear colour. OK, maybe that last one is an unattainable goal! Lol 


I wish you all a truly magical, and inspirational 2019 amigos, filled with joy, love, health and happiness. Let’s go get ‘em!

Love, Pamela 😘

My year in monochromatic fashion 😆

So much swoon!

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