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Beach baby!

Hola Amigos, can you believe the summer is upon us once again, this year is zooming by! I’m counting down the days to my annual pilgrimage to Capri. I can almost taste the linguine vongole at La Fontelina, and feel the salt water on my skin, ah heaven!

Last year when I returned from our vacay I spoke about changing styles afoot in beachwear, from bright and colourful to paired back monochrome. This trend for laidback neutrals is still going strong. This suits me down to the ground, but the problem is, that I have a ton of over the top Missoni prints that I’ve been collecting for years. Now, there’s no way I’m ditching them, but maybe I could introduce a couple of things to give myself more options, and have a day off from all the colour and pattern.

If you have big boobs like me, you’ll know the struggle is real when it comes to well fitting, supportive beachwear. Now add in the chic factor, and honestly it’s mission impossible! There are a few companies that do well constructed bikinis and swimsuits, but to be honest, everything is always so colourful, and many times retro feeling, which is fantastic if that’s what you’re after, but that’s not what I want this year. I want something subdued, I’m craving neutral colours, like grey and taupe. You know that look that Eres do so well.

I have a beautiful Eres suit, that I bought in Capri 3 years ago. Their style is phenomenal, but they have absolutely no support in them, so I double up and wear a bikini underneath. It’s something to consider if you feel like you are really limited. It opens up many more brands for you to choose from.

The vibe

This year I’m craving low key neutrals, paired with natural fibres and soft gold jewellery. Think Pheobe’s Céline woman at the beach in Formentera.

Many shades of grey!

I love the colour of these suits above, greys and taupes are so quietly luxe, and can be flattering for most people. Choose one that is either warm or cool in tone depending on your colouring, and you should be good to go.

1. Grey strapless. Now, the suits from Eres are very expensive, but the quality is great, and if you buy a classic shape, you’ll be wearing it for years to come. I’m super jealous if you can pull off this strapless number, it’s so chic. Ah, to be able to go braless!

2. Grey/green belted swimsuit. This suit by Spanish store Oysho is incredible value at 35.99 Euros. It has zero support though, so another one for the smaller chested among us.

3. Taupe swimsuit by Barcelona brand Andres Sarda. I love this brand, the quality is fantastic and the styles are always chic and fashion forward. They come somewhere in the middle price wise between the high street and luxe brands like Eres. This suit comes up to a D cup, and the structure should be supportive and comfortable. This Warm lilac suit from Cos, has a similar feeling and features the ring details, at a much lower price point.

4. It seems when it comes to paired back luxe, no one does it like Eres. This suit is gorgeous, I saw someone wearing it the other day in the bikini style, just beautiful. Keep your eyes peeled for “inspired” by pieces from the high street, we can but hope! Again, zero support, so if needed, you’d have to wear a little bikini underneath. Or these jelly pull up strapless bra things I see advertised online, have any of you tried them? I can’t imagine that they work very well. Might be handy for a swimsuit though.

If anyone wants me to find proper supportive swimsuits, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to find some chic ones. My go to fit wise, was always Bravissimo in the UK, but you won’t find anything in these colours or styles. That’s why I’ve taken to “MacGyvering” my own way to wear these suits. Another trick, if the brand you like doesn’t make your cup size is to buy a bikini or suit in a much bigger size than you need, then get the straps, and or band taken in by a seamstress. As the cups get bigger with the band size, so a 32 D is much smaller in the cup than a 40 D. Expensive and exhausting isn’t it!

Screenshot 2019-06-09 at 23.38.00.png

This is the suit I have from Eres. Extremely flattering, although I still have to wear a hidden bikini underneath for extra support.

These shoes are made for walking

The Spanish high street, and in particular Massimo Dutti, have fantastic beach flats this season. Comfortable, chic, well made and well priced, and perfect for the summer.

1. White slip ons 2. Cream Raffia Mules 3. Snakeskin slip ons

4. Black leather sandals 5. Brown braided leather flats 6. Brown leather strap sandals

Raffia bags for the win!

Barcelona brand Eliurpi is a firm favourite among fashion editors, and is regularly featured in all the high end magazines. Their large circle bag is great fun, and still super stylish and laid back at the same time, thanks to the lack of embellishments. If that’s too much look for you, their small bucket bag is a delight. On the right, Barcelona brand Lagaam’s bucket bag is lovely, and a much lower price point.

Wrap up in cotton

You can’t beat soft, cosy worn in cotton on sun drenched skin. This wrap dress above is perfect for beach to lunch, and is super reasonably priced, from Oysho.

An oversized cotton shirt with some some soft gold jewellery is a timeless look. This “No boyfriend” shirt from Barcelona brand Lagaam is ideal, as you can wear it many different ways, perfect to tie up at the front and wear over a maxi wrap skirt or denim cut offs.

The finishing touches

This look is all about the paired down accessories a la “Old Céline” Soft gold and brown tortoiseshell are a match made n heaven.

  1. Gold cuff 2. Sunglasses 3. Earrings

A-head of the pack

It wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t some off the wall head accessories happening. I can’t help myself! Barcelona brand Eliurpi once again leads the way with the most interesting array of hats and headbands you can buy just now. They are lovingly made in their studio here in the city, and will turn heads wherever you go. Available to buy online via Matches

Putting it together

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 16.23.07.png

Above are a mix of designer and high street brands. With prices ranging from 30 to 490 Euros.

1. Grey swimsuit 2. Sunglasses 3. Sandals

4. Grey maxi wrap skirt 5. Loewe raffia bag 6. Cream ruffle headband

7. Gold bangle 8. Alphabet gold necklace pendant

Well that’s it for this week amigos, wishing you a gorgeous weekend, and safe happy travels wherever you may be heading this summer.


Pamela xxx


As you know folks, this may be a fashion blog, but we try to think about the environment too. When we do look books and shopping guides here at Style Pop! It’s for inspiration. You don’t have to run out and buy a whole load of new things, have a look at what you’ve already got and see if you can make it work. If you fancy something new, borrow from a friend, visit a second hand or vintage store, or if you go to the shops, get a piece that you really love and know will last you for a long time to come :)

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